BEARLOOM TEDDIES, Dartmouth, Nova Scotia

Recycled Fur Coat Bears & Memory Bears

Theme Bears

While these bears are available on the pages related to their size, 
this page is devoted to the 'dressed' or holiday themed bears so you can see them all in one place.

Nina the ballerina - 9" bear created from vintage mink is all ready to dance for you


Alonzo has decided to dress as a magician this Halloween. He's an 11" mink bear with a top hat and a satin-lined velvet cape.


Dief (short for Diefenbaker) is celebrating Canada Day. His hat has a Canadian flag and he's wearing shorts for his day in the sun. He's also brought along his little wooden bucket to hold the shells that he's found.


Evangeline celebrates Canada Day as well as 'Nova Scotia Strong'. She's a 9" mink bear who is wearing a NS tartan dress and has a NS flag on her blue velvet hat.


Benny - 13" china mink bear who would love to be your Easter Bunny