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My prices are less expensive than others on the web. Don't be fooled by the price - the quality is top notch but the prices reflect our local economy.

Life tends to be simpler in this part of the world.

Memory bears are bears made from a fur coat or other garment provided by the client

Collector / Custom bears are made from our faux or real fur depending on availability and are priced individually. To view bears I have ready for adoption please visit the Adoption Pages. 

 Information For Ordering Memory Bears

At present the current turnaround time from ordering to completion is approximately 18+ months. I am doing everything I can to decrease this time but cannot guarantee an earlier date at this time. This time can also change quickly depending on demand. Contact me for the most up to date estimate of completion time.

Don't hesitate to contact me with any questions you might have. I might surprise you with the number of bears you can have made from your garment. The number of bears that can be made will vary with the size and condition of the fur. Some of us definitely take more yardage than others! For example a stole will provide a small or most likely a medium (again, the size of the garment comes into things here), a jacket can provide 4 small, 3 medium, or 1 large and 1 medium or 1 large and 1-2 small, a 3/4 length coat can provide 5 small, 4 medium or 2-3 large, and a full length coat can provide 5-6 medium, 7 small, or 3-4 large. Again, this all depend on the size and quality of the fur. I cannot work with dry, hard fur as unfortunately it tears too easily and won't stand up to the creative process.

Initials from the coat can be added to paws at no additional charge. Clothes, 2-tone bears (more than one fur used) are subject to additional charges, depending on what is required. Remember that these bears are for display purposes only and are not recommended for use by small children. These prices include German glass eyes, embroidered nose (to bring the bear to collector standards) and a ribbon.

 Embroidery on paw pads (initials or a name, for example) is available for $10 per paw pad embroidered.

Bears created from fur coats:

X-small (approximately 8-10")                                             $80/bear

Small (approximately12")                                                     $90/bear

Medium (approximately 15")                                                $110/bear

Large (approximately 18")                                                    $135/bear

Bears created from faux fur coats

X-small (approximately 8-10")                                               $70/bear

Small (approximately 12")                                                      $80/bear

Medium (approximately 15")                                                  $95/bear

Large (approximately 18")                                                      $120/bear  

Bears created from a garment or quilt 

X-Small (9")                                                                           $55/bear

Small (11")                                                                             $65/bear

Medium (14")                                                                         $80/bear

Large (17")                                                                             $95/bear

I can also create pillows, throws or Christmas tree ornaments from your items. Check with me to see what is possible!

Throws created from your own fur coat


 Information for Ordering a Special Collector Bear

Collector bear prices are available by contacting me and are specific to the style, size and details requested. Specialized memory bears are also available to create a one-of-a-kind bear. Prices are subject to requirements. Contact me and together we can create a one-of-a-kind bear for you that will come from your heart and mine.

While I will strive to give lots of advance notice about price changes, prices may be subject to change without notice.

All prices are in Canadian dollars - No Tax (shipping is extra)

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If you don't receive a reply, please check your spam folder or email me again.

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