BEARLOOM TEDDIES, Dartmouth, Nova Scotia

Recycled Fur Coat Bears & Memory Bears

10 - 14" bears for sale

The Amazing Alonzo - 11" vintage mink bear 


Eleanor - 14" brown lamb bear with hat and fox stole


Ethan - 12" burgundy sheared rabbit fur bear with a sewn fabric bow.


Carmella - 10.5" bear created from a light brown lamb garment. This is a more unusual colour and likely to the be the last one from this colour for a while.


Gawain - 10" bear created from a  vintage white & mottled brown rabbit jacket.


Edmond - 10" bear created from a vintage river otter coat.


Jonesy - 12" bear created from a  vintage fur seal jacket. It's unusual to find one in brown rather than the more common black colour.


Duff 'the fluff' is a 13" black possum fur bear. He has eyelids to help keep his fur out of his eyes.


Gavin - 11.5" mink bear - quite the old fashioned fellow.


Woodrow - 11" bear created with super soft muskrat fur from a vintage coat.


Everyday seems to be a bad hair day for Eddie but that doesn't stop him from looking adorable! He's an 11" bear created from up-cycled raccoon fur.


Clark - 10" taupe mink bear


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