BEARLOOM TEDDIES, Dartmouth, Nova Scotia

Recycled Fur Coat Bears & Memory Bears

10 - 14" bears for sale

Everyday seems to be a bad hair day for Eddie but that doesn't stop him from looking adorable! He's an 11" bear created from up-cycled raccoon fur.


Carlton is looking quite distinguished with his glasses and bow tie. He's a 10" bear created from up-cycled black mink fur.


Pendleton - 11" pale grey mink bear


Clark - 10" taupe mink bear


Montgomery - 11" sheared muskrat bear. This is a short but fluffy fur that is very soft to the touch.


Clem - Very chubby & soft possum bear (he prefers to think of himself as extra fluffy rather than chubby)


Freddy - soft & silky 12" muskrat bear


Hobson - 10" mink bear


Atticus - 11.5" mink bear


Barry wants to know if he can come home with you. He likes being with the other bears here but is ready to strike out on his own.

10" fisher paw


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